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The Rogersville congregation was formed in 1956. They purchased land and built a building located at 1101 East McKinney Avenue in Rogersville. They met there until 1998 when they built a new meeting house that is our current location at 5657 Highway 11-W in Rogersville, Tennessee.

Throughout the years, we have been blessed with men willing to devote themselves to God’s plan for leadership. Each of these men have helped Rogersville become who we are today, and we hope to honor their time as a building block for the next generation of Christians.


Here are elders who previously served the congregation:  Mack Anderson, Bob Edens, and Bobby Birdwell.

Here are deacons who have served the congregation: Jerry Cretsinger, Oman Woods, Grady Forgety, Ruble Yarbrough, Virgil Gilliam, Chesil McVey, and Dale Healea.

We’ve been blessed by many a sermon to help encourage the work in Rogersville. Here are the men who have labored in times past: Ernest Abston, Ivan Jameson, Jesse Condra, Dorsey Strathers, Jason Kimbro, Eddy Craft, Jim McGaha, Jim Sanders, Bruce Leonard, John McCain, Jim Zachary, and Dathan Hickman.

Faith is more than words, it moves mountains harmonized with works

In everything that we do, we strive to continue being the Church that you find in Acts 2. This involves working in the white fields of harvest (John 4:35), sharing the message of Christ with all (Matthew 28:18-20), encouraging each other both in and out of worship (Hebrews 10:23-25), and practicing all things by God’s authority in spirit and in truth (Col. 3:16-17; John 4:23-24). We invite you to see what we are about!

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